Most Improved Golfer

The CSRA WGA has a Most-Improved Golfer award, presented annually at the Championship tournament luncheon.   This award was first given in 1986-87.

To be eligible for this award, a player must have played in at least 66% of that season’s tournaments (Stroke Play, Four-ball, and/or Stableford formats).   The Montenyohl Championship does not count toward this award. (Revised April, 2018)

The CSRA Handicap Chairman is responsible for computing this award, using USGA guidelines.  She starts with each woman’s entering index and ends with the index of the last tournament prior to the Championship tournament.

2023: Allison Lebo
2022: Denise Uitto
2021:  Em Clifford

2020:  Not Awarded

2019:  Lynn Homer

2018: Marianne Harris

2017: Lynn Homer

2016: Helen Campbell

2015: Brooke Hempel

2014: Susie Hodgen

2013: Helen Campbell

2012: Marcia Suddeth

2011: Debra Hatcher

2010: Cindy Troupe

2009: Mara Bushee

2008: Barbara Krummel

2007: Chris Wingeier

2006: Alec Schissler

2005: Ann Marie Finn

2004: Cathy McKie

2003: Nancy Prendergast

2002: Kelly Geisel

2001: Sharon Moen

2000: Peggy Katz

1999: Cathy Bushee (McKie)

1998: Kelly Ryan

1997: Susan Adams

1996: Melanie Robinson

1995: Dinah Bunn

1994: Rosemary Buchanan

1993: Eydie Jones

1992: Jan Cross

1991: Rene Trudeau

1990: Rene Trudeau

1989: Iris Vaughn

1988: Esther Parker

1987: Elaine Montano