Lifetime Members

The CSRA WGA bestows the honor of a Lifetime Membership to anyone who serves on the Board for 15 or more years. In 2016, the Board voted to grant Lifetime Memberships in recognition of invaluable contributions to the Association and at least 15 years of servitude to the game of golf.  Nominations for a Lifetime Membership may come from any CSRA WGA Member through her Club Representative or by a Board Member. The nomination, in writing, must be given to the Executive Board for consideration of presentation to the whole Board.

A Lifetime Membership is perpetual and annual membership dues are waived. Lifetime Members may compete in tournaments conducted by the Association as long as they meet current CSRA WGA membership requirements, including scores posted to compete in The Montenyohl Championship.

Following are the ladies who have received this award and the year it was given.

Jayne Becker

Jayne Becker, 2021

Karen Vijuk

Karen Vijuk, 2021

Mary Helen McElreath Awarded Lifetime Membership in 2019

Mary Helen McElreath, 2019

Jan Cross

Jan Cross, 2018

Sandra Moody 2016

Sandra Moody, 2016

Barbara Blatter, 2016

Barbara Blatter, 2016

Donna Hutto

Donna Hutto, 2015

Betty Crick, 2016

Betty Crick, 2011

Sharon Nix, 2010

Sharon Nix, 2010

Nancy Prendergast, 2009

Nancy Prendergast, 2009

Clara Crenshaw 2005

Clara Crenshaw, 2008

Irene DeBarge, 2002

Irene DeBarge*, 2002

Abby Montenyohl, 2002

Abby Montenyohl*, 2002

We owe a tremendous debt for the time these women have devoted to the CSRA WGA.


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