Hole in One

The CSRA WGA has a traveling Hole-In-One trophy, donated by Mr. Gordon Uhl in October of 1971.   It is to be in the temporary possession of any CSRA WGA member who has a hole-in-one at any CSRA WGA-sponsored event.  The trophy will be engraved with the name of the golfer and the date of the event and may be kept in the winning member’s possession a minimum of two months.  It may then be passed on to any subsequent winner.  The recipient will receive a recognition award at a value not to exceed $25 with the initials of the club, the hole number, and the date on which the feat was accomplished.

Because of the rarity of such an event, if the round in which the hole-in-one is accomplished should be rained out or cancelled for any reason, the hole-in-one will still be recognized by the CSRA WGA and will be so recorded in the minutes of the subsequent Board meeting.  The member will be granted all of the above honor and privilege, just as though the round had been completed.

11-16-23 Amy Buck

7-4-22 Sherri Vogel
5-9-22 Kathy Cornforth
10-19-20 Liz Scheuer
03-29-17 Mary Helen McElreath
02-08-16 Mary Helen McElreath
05-12-15 Brooke Hempel
02-03-14 Stasia Porter
09-16-13 Mara Bushee
07-25-11 Judy Long and Cookie Schmidt
05-24-11 Fran Warner
01-11-10 Jean Hyer
06-15-09 Carole Pincavage
08-25-08 Carol Morenc
07-14-08 Jane Waller
09-19-06 Karen Sides
09-12-05 Deanne Fullerton
11-09-04 Grace Therriault
08-19-04 Liz Scheuer
02-18-03 Debra Hatcher
04-22-97 Melanie Robinson
01-28-97 Mary Lou Wright
05-02-95 Donna Peterson
08-30-93 Abby Montenyohl
06-15-93 Jean Bruner
04-19-93 Pat Boatwright
02-17-93 Mary Vogel
11-24-92 Hazel Heaton
05-24-90 Nell Patterson
11-15-88 Margaret Owings
09-24-84 Irene DeBarge
01-14-8x Dot Jackson
05-16-80 Virginia Brantley