Bylaws of the CSRA WGA (Association)


  • Section 1
    • All member clubs must have an eighteen-hole golf course.
  • Section 2
    • All course ratings and handicaps must be established according to USGA regulations.
  • Section 3
    • The club initiation fee to become a member of the Association shall be $10.
      • A.   Each member club shall host at least a monthly tournament, the Lady-Pro, or one round of the Montenyohl Championship Tournament in the month in which it is scheduled.  Any club desiring to change its scheduled month must find another member club willing to change its scheduled month with said club.
      • B.   Each member club shall host a Board of Directors’ meeting.  This meeting must be convened prior to the scheduled Tournament.
      • C.   A reasonable and equitable fee shall be charged by the host club for any Association event.  This includes tournaments, Lady-Pro Invitational, Montenyohl Championship, or Team Play.
      • D.   In the event a member club finds itself unable to abide by these rules, said club will be required to resign from the Association immediately.  However, extenuating or temporary circumstances beyond the control of the member club (or its members) may allow for temporary relief from resignation at the discretion of the Board of Directors.
  • Section 4
    • In the event an Association member club becomes either unwilling or unable to meet the Association membership requirements (By-laws, Article 1, Section 3) during a current Association playing season, any Association member who is in good standing with the resigning member club and current with Association dues will be allowed to participate in all individual Association events for a period of sixty (60) days from the date when the Association board is notified of the member club resignation.
    • On day sixty-one (61) Article II, Section 4 – Eligibility to Play will stand as written with this exception:  All elected and appointed members of the Executive Board will be allowed and encouraged to complete their term of office or serve in their position until the end of the current Association playing season.


  • Section 1 — Duties of Board Members
    • The duties of all officers and committee chairmen shall be described in detail in a Standard Operating Procedures manual.
  • Section 2 —Dues
    • Dues for each 18-hole golfer participating in Association events shall be paid by the start of the Association season.  The dues for each member is $10, with such dues waived for lifetime members.  Any woman joining after the initial enrollment date must pay her fee to her club representative, who will then submit her membership form and payment to the appropriate individuals as outlined in the procedure manual and on the enrollment form, via electronic means, US Postal Service, or in person.  Additionally, each Association representative must present new members at an Association meeting in order to be eligible to participate in events
  • Section 3 — Participation
  • Section 4Eligibility to Play (See also Article II, Section 2 — Dues)
    • The Association eligibility requirements shall be consistent with the LPGA tournament participation requirements, including “be a female and at least 18 years of age.”  A player must join the ladies’ golf association of a participating club, establish a USGA handicap and must have submitted her dues to her Club representative.  Then, and only then, is she allowed to participate in Association events. If a player transfers to another participating CSRA club during the season, she shall notify the Association secretary in writing of this change prior to participating in an Association event.
  • Section 5 Member of Two Clubs 
    • When an Association member belongs to two or more member clubs, after the Montenyohl Championship, she must declare one club as her home club for the ensuing calendar year and participate in all events from that club. She must also designate that club as the authority for her handicap and post to that club all scores made at all clubs, together with course ratings and dates played.
  • Section 6 Handicap Limit
    • There is no longer a maximum handicap limit for participation in Association events; however, participants with a handicap index over 40 must play to a 40 handicap, based on the slope and index of the host course. (April, 2010)
  • Section 7 Detrimental Actions
    • If an officer or committee chairman is acting in a manner detrimental to the Association, the Board, by a majority vote, may take appropriate action.  If a representative is acting in a manner detrimental to the Association, the Board will notify the home club.
  • Section 8 Resignations
    • If an elected officer is unable to complete her term, the president shall appoint a person to fill that position, with the Board’s approval.  That person will serve until the next general election of officers.  If the president herself resigns, the vice-president will step up to that position and the Board will approve a replacement to fill the vice president’s position. 

ARTICLE III Montenyohl Championship

  • Section 1
    • The medal play championship tournament shall be played in flights without handicaps.  
  • Section 2
    • Players will be flighted according to handicap index before the tournament begins and will remain in that flight for the entire tournament.
  • Section 3
    • Each round will be played on a different member course, making sure that both states are represented.

ARTICLE IV Amending the By-Laws

  • Section 1
    • The by-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any regular meeting, provided the amendment was submitted at the previous regular meeting.
  • Section 2
    • A quorum shall be one over half of the member clubs present.
  • Section 3
    • Each club has one vote by a club representative.
  • Section 4
    • Each officer except the president (who may vote only in the case of a tie) is limited to one vote and must cast that vote in the capacity of her office.
  • Section 5
    • Each committee chairman holding an appointed position on the Board shall be limited to one vote and must cast that vote in the capacity of her appointed board position.
  • Section 6
    • Vote shall be by roll call and general consent.

Latest revision:  March, 2023